Canon HJ21x7.8B IRSD HD Lens


Used Canon HJ21x7.8B IRSD ENG lens

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Used Canon HJ21x7.8B IRSD HD Lens

The Canon HJ21X7.8B IRSD brings HDxs specs to the portable telephoto lens arena, opening up a new range of options for shooters in HD and SD production. The HJ21X7.8B is geared for ENG/portable applications.  This lens operates with a zoom ratio and focal length previously unavailable in this size and weight.

All Canon HJ ENG/EFP lenses also benefit from Digital Drive, taking advantage of advanced ergonomics and faster digital controls to bring operators a highly useful group of functions. The main features of Canon’s Digital Drive include Speed Preset, Shuttle Shot, Framing Preset, Zoom Mode Select and improved maximum zoom and focus servo speed.