Canon HJ21x7.8B IASD ENG Lens- USED


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The Canon HJ21x7.8B-IASD is a low-weight, highly mobile 2/3″ video lens designed to tackle a wide variety of shooting scenarios. The unit boasts enhanced digital functionality over previous models with improved operability. The reduced weight helps lessen fatigue, making it ideal for news gathering.

Reduced Weight

The new design achieves a reduction in size that produces a total length of 10.3″ (26.1cm) while also reducing the weight of the lens to 5.9 lbs (2.7kg). The result is far less operator fatigue making it easy to shoot for long durations.

High Imaging Performance

With the goal of minimizing various aberrations in order to meet the imaging standards of high-end production, the lens adopts special optical elements that include the artificially re-crystallized ‘fluorite’ elements. This technology offers extraordinary dispersion characteristics along with newly developed high-index dispersion glass. This can be all seen in its super-high performance, creating crystal clear images every time.

Sophisticated Drive System

To make the lens easier to use Canon has developed an advanced drive boasting all the features of the previous e-HDxs system. With improved human ergonomics in mind, the lens provides the highest level of comfort and versatility.

High Definition Ready

Many high definition cameras are hamstrung by insufficient optics. Electronic Field Production (EFP) lenses traditionally have been built to accommodate standard definition. This lens is designed specifically with high definition in mind. The optics increase fidelity, making sure HD footage is crystal clear.