Canon HJ18x28B IASE-A- USED


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Canon HJ18x28B IASE-A

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Portable super telephoto ENG/EFP lens

The HJ18ex28B IASE A provides the longest focal length in its class. With an overall length of 176.2mm and a weight of just 2.576kg it requires no mechanical support system to mount to the HD camera. Aerial shooting (using stabilized gimbals), means sports, entertainment coverage and portable HD acquisition in arduous terrain are all superbly supported by this low-weight compact lens. The HJ18ex28B IASE A can extend to 500mm focal length (and to 1000mm with the extender). It has a very impressive optical speed of F2.8 up to a focal length of 286mm.

High contrast is ensured by superb control of black reproduction – with optical and mechanical design innovations that substantially reduced flare, veiling glare, and any internal reflections. Similar attention to minimization of ghost images and other highlight-related chromatic distortions caused by strong light sources on-axis and off-axis further extend the operational contrast range of the lens.

Optical Technologies

Power Optics – combination of specialized materials, contemporary optical design, and multilayer coatings that produce the superb imagery

Internal Focus – a Canon design innovation that uses a floating optical system to better control chromatic aberrations

Digital Technologies

New third-generation enhanced digital servo systems using Canon-developed 16-bit optical rotary encoder devices introduce new creativity to handheld acquisition systems. Enhanced Digital Drive technology – encompasses a microcomputer driven servo control that embodies position memory and user-defined digital functionality to significantly empower the camera operator. A 16-bit rotary encoder for aperture control reports to the associated camera Iris control system (10-bit compatibility). Maximum Zoom speed is 0.5 seconds and Focus is 1.5 seconds

Ecological Design
All contemporary Canon lenses avoid the use of materials and substances potentially harmful to the environment. Lead has been removed from all optics and other identified substances from all components comprising the composite lens system.