Canon DigiSuper xs XJ23x7 Sports Lens Box Style Semi-Servo Controls and Case

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Canon XJ23x7B Box Lens with Semi-Servo Controls and Case

Sled not included, may be purchased separately.

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The DIGISUPER 23 xs XJ23x7B IE-D 7 to 161mm Studio Lens from Canon utilizes the Power Optical System and is compact enough for use with a portable camera. The DIGISUPER 23 xs provides an excellent optical performance and ease of operation.

The DIGISUPER 23 xs lens has zero zooming effect of focus throughout the whole zoom range, thanks to the Constant Angle Focusing System (CAFS). It offers a choice of detectable signals such as an encoder data signal, an analog data signal or a serial data signal. The lens achieves 13-bit zoom and focus repeatability and offers bi-directional serial data communication in order to facilitate highly accurate and smooth movements that are essential for robotics and virtual applications. The digital servo system is reliable, consistent, and is not affected by electric interference.

The PC connection for remote control or diagnostics can be accomplished via a communication interface on the lens and personal computer with software (sold separately).

Wide angle with a focal length 7 mm with a 23x zoom ratio
Anti-reflective paint and coating eliminates ghosting and flares
10-bit iris compatibility
Minimized chromatic aberration during focusing
Computer-aided design meets HDTV standards
Minimized variation of the centre of gravity through focus movement
Countermeasures against radio frequency, dust, and rain
High resolution zoom and focus servo 13-bit repeatability
Wide dynamic range of zoom and focus servo speed from ultra slow to high speed: 0.6 seconds (zoom), 0.8 seconds (focus)
Anti-dust and anti-fog capability due to the airtight internal focusing system

Product Highlights

  • CAFS Digital Servo System
  • 23x Zoom Ratio
  • Internal Focusing System
  • 7mm Focal Length Wide Angle
  • For Portable HD/SD Studio Cameras
  • Full Servo Controller Kit
  • Ergonomic Design/Anti-Dust & Anti-Fog
  • Informational Display
  • Distortion Reduction