Camplex LEMO FUW-PUW Inside Broadcast SMPTE Fiber Camera Cable – 250 Foot- USED


Camplex LEMO FUW-PUW Inside Broadcast SMPTE Fiber Camera Cable – 250 Foot

  • 250ft
  • SMPTE 311M
  • 2 available


Camplex LEMO FUW-PUW Outside Broadcast SMPTE Fiber Camera Cable – 250 Foot

SMPTE 311M, single-mode fiber optic and copper hybrid camera cable, terminated with Lemo SMPTE 304M connectors (including metal dust caps) for high definition video camera to CCU interconnect commonly used with systems such as the Sony HDC-900/950/930 camera to HDCU-900/950 CCU units. Gepco HD hybrid fiber utilizes two single-mode fibers for high bit-rate data transmission and copper elements for auxiliary and signal electrical connections. Each fiber is coated with a special nylon based compound (for three times the breaking strength as conventional coated fiber) and Kevlar wrapped with a PVC jacket for additional strength (12mm cables only). All Gepco HD camera cables also now feature a heat resistant copper insulation material for more dependable performance in high temperature environments. Shielding and grounding from the camera to CCU is provided by a dense 95% tinned copper braid, while a flexible PVC or extra-rugged polyurethane jacket adds overall protection and durability. The face end of each F2 fiber contact in the connector is machine polished through a unique, multi-stage polishing process. This process achieves excellent optical clarity and alignment, thereby reducing return loss and minimizing insertion loss. The heavy-duty 12mm cable assemblies also come standard with a Gepco backnut adapter and a Kellem™ cord grip at each connector end for added strain, flex, and pulling relief. These components, combined with special termination techniques, greatly improve the life and durability of the cable.