Calrec Sigma Bluefin – with MADI Interface- USED


Item retired from a working environment

This unit will be sent to Calrec for QC prior to final shipping.

Shipping TBD. 

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  • 128×128 Analog
  • 128×128 AES
  • 64 Motorized Faders
  • 20 Aux Busses
  • 8 Groups
  • 48 MultiTracks
  • 4 Mains
  • 2 Madi Streams IN
  • 2 Madi Streams OUT


Sigma is Calrec’s second all digital production console designed for the most critical broadcast production and on-air applications. Based on the well established Alpha digital system architecture, Sigma provides comprehensive features and functionality with sophisticated failure protection systems.
Sigma continues to meet the changing requirements demanded by the on-set of surround sources in live
production, providing sophisticated assignable monitoring solutions and encompassing flexible TFT style metering.
The Bluefin High Density Processing System provides 320 equivalent mono signal paths – and can provide this
incredible power on just one card. The Bluefin technology project has been in development for a number of years and
elements of the technology have been used in the Alpha console since its launch in 1999. It is a proprietary architecture
which is has been conceived and developed entirely within Calrec. Bluefin processing provides benefits
beyond size and functionality. Calrec products have an unrivalled history of reliability and Bluefin further enhances
this. The design generates less heat, uses less power and back-plane activity is reduced. System resilience is improved
by 100% redundancy of all processing elements through the provision of a second card – it is like having another
console as a hot spare.
Calrec has a world-wide customer base which includes many of the world’s most prestigious broadcasters. By consistently
focusing upon purely broadcast products, Calrec offers consoles with the most comprehensive combination
of performance and features available. The high level of reliability of all Calrec products, many of which are still in
daily use after 20 years, reflects a clear awareness of the critical nature of the operating environment.
This understanding of the real issues of broadcast operations is one of the many reasons why operators and management
alike prefer Calrec. Sigma is designed to ensure this level of confidence will continue in the digital era.