Calrec Digital 64 Fader Mixer Alpha 100 w/ Blufin, AES, MADI – USED


$27,500.00 $19,500.00

Calrec Digital 64 Fader Mixer Alpha 100 w/ Blufin, AES, MADI – USED

Includes 128×128 MADI

128×128 AES

At least 140×72 Analog Audio (Looks more like 256×128 In/Out Analog).

Extra “Bulk” Power Supplies (2)

Extra “Analog” Power Supply


The Calrec Alpha 100 is an all digital audio console for live production and on-air use and has been designed  from the ground up to match the reliability of Calrec analogue products.

The Alpha 100 uses a fourth generation refinement of the Calrec assignable control surface. From the world’s first digitally controlled assignable console of 1980 through the VCS and T Series consoles, this unique design has been refined through constant operator feedback.

The result is an ergonomic design of unparalleled focus on the task to be undertaken – live television production and on-air use.

All elements of system design are focused on simplicity and reliability.  The assignable control surface of the Alpha 100 minimises screen usage enabling direct access to the majority of console functions.


  • Up to 96 faders, with A & B layers of control, plus 4 dedicated main output faders
  • 226 equivalent channels: up to 96 stereo or mono channels, plus 34 mono channels
  • Comprehensive surround panning and monitoring with optional motorized joystick
  • Input delay and control panel option
  • Optional I/O expansion via a wide area interface such as MADI or Hydra, Calrec’s sophisticated audio networking system

Channel / Group Facilities

  • All channels have 4-band EQ, 2-band filters, Compressor/Limiter and Expander/Gate
  • Up to 20 auxiliary outputs which can be 20 mono or 10 stereo
  • All groups have Compressor and Expander/Gate
  • There is a pool of assignable inserts and a pool of direct outputs for channels and groups
  • All channels and groups have direct outputs, which can be pre EQ, pre fader or post fader
  • Every direct output can be a mix-minus feed
  • All faders are motorised – a centrally assigned fader is also motorised


  • 8 stereo or mono audio groups
  • Additional VCA style grouping system
  • Up to 48 outputs for multi-track or general purpose feeds
  • Tracks can be fed from pre EQ, pre fader, post fader or mix-minus
  • 4 main stereo or 5.1 surround outputs with Compressors
  • Simultaneous LCRS, stereo and mono outputs available from each 5.1 main output
  • Every channel can route to every bus, at the same time, without restrictions
  • Direct input available to group, mains, aux and mix-minus busses


  • On board Flash ROM memory system offers 99 memories
  • PC backup allows an unlimited number of memories
  • Console operates independantly of PC
  • Sophisticated GPI facilities
  • Independent DSP operation ensures audio continuity even during PC or control reset
  • Console and racks boot from power on in less than 20 seconds
  • Full control system reset in less than 15 seconds with no loss of audio
  • Last settings fully restored on power-up or re-set
  • Automatic change over to hot spares for PSU’s, control cards and DSP cards
  • Hot plugging of every card and module
  • Hot plugged cards initialize upon insertion

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