Bron DW400 HMI Light Kit – Water Resistant – Like New!


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Bron DW400 HMI Light Kit – Water Resistant

  • AC Ballast
  • Lamp Base w/ 19.5′ (6m) Cable
  • 4-Leaf Barndoors
  • Reflector
  • Case
  • 400-Watt HMI Lamp


Bron DW400 HMI Light Kit – Water Resistant – Like New!

The Kobold DW 400 PAR 400-Watt HMI Production Kit 458 is built around the IP54-rated, weather-proof DW 400 lamp base which can withstand water splashing on the housing without harmful effect. The optimized design of the reflector achieves a high light output and a homogeneous illumination. The ergonomically positioned focusing knob enables focusing from 15-45°. This daylight fixture has a solid design, compact dimensions, and maximum reliability for all applications in the studio and on location.

When the Kobold AC EWB 400.575.800 Ballast is connected to a 90-265 VAC source, this weather-resistant unit will provide dimmable power to your fixture via its included head-to-ballast cable.

The kit includes a PAR reflector, 4-lens set, scrims, 4-leaf barndoors, 400 Watt HMI lamp, and a production case. Also included are a 16.4′ (5m) head extension cable, a hand grip, and a softbox adapter.

DW 400 Fixture

Use the rotary knob on the rear of the fixture to adjust focus; note the corresponding “flood” and “spot” symbols on the fixture label indicating the adjustment directions.
Installation is quick and without any tools due to a locking mechanism. The optimized design of this reflector achieves a high light output and a homogeneous illumination.
Barndoor Set
To place the barn door on the fixture, slip it onto the impressed section of the ring and secure it with the knurled screw located opposite the recess. Pull the knurled screw and let it spring back into place; then tighten it to secure the barndoors.
Hot Restrike
Socket and switches are equipped to allow switching the fixture on and off repeatedly without the delay of waiting for the bulb to cool.


  • The required light output can be set (100-60% adjustment range) with the power regulator.
  • Color temperature can change with the power output depending on the type of lamp used.
Easy Connection
  • To connect the ballast unit to the fixture just plug in the corresponding connection.
  • To disconnect, press the security mechanism on the socket before pulling out the plug.
LED Display
  • Red and Green LEDs continuously monitor operation, indicate voltage changes and employ thermo protection, power reduction, and even shut down if necessary.
  • Water-resistant IP54-rated ballast with strengthened insulation for additional protection.
  • Ignition overload protection.
  • Temperature monitor.
  • Convection cooling.
  • Meets CE standards.


High Light Output
  • Narrow Spot (NSP), Medium Flood (MFL), Wide Flood (WFL), and Very Wide Flood (VWFL)
  • Each lens has a color-coded handle for easy identification.
  • Output @ 9.8′ (3m):
    NSP Lens: 15,040 Lux, 1397 fc
    MFL Lens: 11,800 Lux, 1096 fc
    WFL Lens: 2780 Lux, 258 fc
    VWF Lens: 1080 Lux, 100 fc
Bron DW400 Kit comes with:
  • DW400 HMI Head
  • Open Face Reflector
  • EWB 400-575 Ballast
  • Daylight to Tungston Glass Filter
  • Glass Diffusion Filter
  • Barndoor
  • Extension Cable
  • Hard Case
  • 2 400 Watt HMI Lamps

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