BroadcastPix ReVue Server with Control Panel- USED


6 Channel video Instant Replay System 

BroadcastPix ReVue Server + Control Panel  

Stand Alone Instant Replay System  

Does Not Include Monitor



Geeves Edit Share Software 

Windows 7 OS 

Hardware Included: 

  • Windows 7 PC server- Rack Mountable
  • Rack Slides
  • JL Cooper Control Panel via USB
  • Power cords
  • Mouse
  • Keyboard
  • BMD Sync Generator
  • 4x 2TB WD Hard Drives
  • Pelican 1730 Road Case- with padding

ReVue is the new HD slow motion sports replay system designed to meet the demands of every day sports productions. It seemlessly works with any Broadcast Pix integrated production switcher or independently in other production environ- ments. Ideal for any sport, such as Soccer, Football, Baseball, or Basketball, ReVue will deliver with it’s powerful multi-source HD server and inuitive control surfaces, giving winning performances at any sporting event.

Sports production operators will find ReVue’s compact controller to be powerful yet easy-to-use. It includes a jog/shuttle wheel for reviewing footage, with dedicated buttons for marking in and out points for playback. All video sources are played back in sync, so it is easy to cut between cameras and find the best replay angle. Playback speed is controlled manually with the fader bar, but 3 preset buttons allow users to assign specific speeds for more consistent slo-mo results.

Control Panel

An easy to use industry standard control surface designed for sports replay. Easily type in ID reference number for your clip player to appear. Switch angles on the fly and dial in speed of replay at any time.

ReVue Server

A high powered server with redundant power supplies as standard on both mod- els. 8TB of standard storage expandable to 32TB of storage. SSD primary drive. Mirror drive available.