Black Diamond Video All-digital DVI Router


$10,500.00 $9,500.00

Black Diamond Video All-digital DVI Router

DVI Routing from 4×4 up to 36×36 Single Link DVI, or 20×20 Dual Link DVI

Currently Configured as a 36×24 with a 24×24 USB Matrix (Other Configurations are Available)

CXPS-363×36-SLDL Frame

(9) CXPS-QDLI Input Card
(6) CXPS-CXSP-QDSLC Output Scaler Card
(3)   24×24 USB Matrix card sets
All equipment is currently working and in service.
Cables and software not included.  Software is available from Black Diamond Video.


Black Diamond Video’s CXPS is the first all-digital DVI switcher to offer dual-link DVI matrix switching, post-output scaling, seamless switching, multi viewer processing, video wall processing, and USB matrix switching in a single 6U device. CXPS features include enhanced EDID management, flexible input/output configurations, cable equalization, and pixel re- clocking. BDV’s proprietary image processing technology has evolved to support 4K image resolutions, meeting the demand of the emerging Quad-HD display market. The CXPS scaling engine allows any input to be displayed at its maximum resolution and proper aspect ratio on any display. The CXPS can be populated with up to 9 Quad Dual Link Scaler cards for a total of 36 outputs. The QDSLC scaling engine provides video windowing and wall processing functionality. Video windows can be dynamically sized, positioned, and prioritized in real time. Multiple walls may be configured and controlled by the CXPS, with a maximum of 36 displays supported. CXPS special effects include image blending, keying, dissolving, simultaneous dissolving, simultaneous switching, and stereo image separation. When combined with Black Diamond Video’s DVI converters, the CXPS provides digital backbone for any analog, SDI, or HD-DVI signal source. This architecture provides outstanding digital image quality and improved ease of installation.

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