Belden Mohawk/CDT SMPTE Composite Single-Mode Fiber Optic Camera Cable


Our SMPTE cables are all in great shape and come in a variety of lengths! We currently have 2 75ft SMPTE cables. Contact us today for more details on our SMPTE Broadcast cables.

  • 75ft
  • 311M
  • AWM Style 20907


Mohawk offers broadcasters a complete end-to-end cabling solution for their HDTV infrastructure upgrades. Utilizing the highest quality singlemode optical fibers to transmit the uncompressed 1.5 gigabits per second, coupled with years of termination expertise, ensures optimal performance and repeatability.

Mohawk offers a complete line of Hybrid Optical Fiber camera cables which comply to the SMTPE 311M specification. Mohawk has over 16 years of experience terminating LEMO 304M connectors. Our factory polished and terminated assemblies ensure superior performance and durability. These assemblies provide unlimited bandwidth, exceptional digital distance transmission and noise immunity in any HDTV or SD camera system. Standard on every assembly is a high performance LEMO solid stainless steel shell and full-length rubber protective boot with end cap, ensuring that cable and connector get the “shot” done.

Mohawk provides an easy solution to expensive on-site LEMO terminations. Utilizing custom-made LEMO to industry standard fiber connector types (ST, FC, SC) and multi-pin crimp on copper connectors, customers and integrators can quickly and inexpensively re-cable their studios, mobile trucks or stadiums with ease.


• LEMO Push-Pull self-latching system for quick and easy mating

• Meets SMPTE 304M-1998

• Optimum sealing (IP 68) meeting the requirements of the IEC 60529 standard for safe outdoor applications

• Easily cleaned fiber optic contacts due to removable alignment sleeve

• Compact design with 2 fiber optic contacts, 2 power and 2 signal electrical contacts

• Return loss (upc) > 45 dB

• Rugged stainless steel outer shell

• Contact Mohawk for other LEMO broadcast connectors and pre-terminated options

Mohawk has been a trusted cable brand for more than 50 years. Serving the industries of government, education, healthcare and security to support commercial cabling and data center cabling needs. Mohawk offers a complete line of Category 6A through Category 3 ETL verified copper products, including high pair counts. Designed for cabling excellence in open architecture – create customized networks from a variety of connectivity products verified through Mohawk’s Channel program.