Barco Encore Video Processor, 2M/E, No SDI Out


Barco Encore Video Processor, 2M/E, No SDI Out

  • 3RU Processor and 24-Input Controller
  • Pairs w/ Matrix Router for Presentations
  • Each ME Features Two Scaler Channels
  • SDI / DVI / HD-Convertible 15-Pin Inputs
  • 3G/HD/SD SDI Output
  • Up to 2048 x 1080p on Input and Output
  • Two Program Output Boards
  • Instant Transition Times
  • Three Field Processing Delay
  • Generates 6 PIP/Key Effects

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The Encore Video Processor (VP) is the heart of the Encore Presentation System, providing all input, output, layering and wide screen “blending” circuitry. Packaged as a 3RU rackmount unit, each VP can be outfitted with one, two, or three Mix/Effect (M/E) boards to meet different application requirements. Models ordered with one or two M/Es can be easily upgraded by adding additional M/E boards.

Each M/E provides two independent Athena scaler channels, Barco Folsom’s proprietary scaler that supports universal inputs (for both analog and digital video sources) and smooth real-time PIP movements and re-sizing based on user specified keyframes.

Within an Encore system, each VP is essentially a single destination, and multiple VPs can be combined to create advanced systems comprised of both single and blended destinations. Each VP’s output board provides Program and Preview outputs in both analog and digital formats, plus interface, blending and data-doubling functions which are required to support wide screen applications.

Supported output resolutions include computer resolutions up to 1600 x 1200, analog HDTV resolutions including 720p, 1080i, 1080p, HD-SDI, 2048x1080p Digital Cinema video, and plasma display resolutions. Output synchronization is supported to lock the output frame rate to an externally applied NTSC/PAL black burst signal.


  • Supports up to 12 Independent windows or 6 windows with seamless transitions
  • (2) Native High Resolution Background channels provide background video with seamless transition effects
  • Special Effects
    • A full range of transition effects (dissolve, wipe, etc.)
    • Smooth PIP Move & Sizing controlled via Key Frames
    • Adjustable PIP Aspect Ratio
    • PIP Borders, including Drop Shadows and Soft Edge
    • PIP Clone (Mirror and Offset)
  • Keying
    • Luminance Key
    • Split Key (Key Alpha and Fill)
    • Reverse Key (Key on Background)
    • Color Key (Graphics)
    • Alpha Mixing
  • (1) Native High Resolution Down Stream Key channel independent of PIP/KEY processing channels
  • Video Processing
    • 10-bit Processing
    • 1:1 Pixel Sampling
    • Motion Adaptive De-interlacing (SD & HD)
    • 3:2 and 2:2 Pull Down Detect
    • Image Cropping
    • Aspect Ratio Correction
  • Athena Proprietary High-Performance Scaling
  • Low Video Delay – Less than 3 Input Fields
  • Z-order Control (Priority layers) for overlapping PIP or Key Images
  • Each Mixer Layer is dynamically re-assignable as a mixing (transitioning) PIP, or as two individual (SPLIT) nontransitioning PIP or Key Images.
  • Still Frame : Frame Grab of Background and Down Stream Key sources
  • Complete Look-ahead Preview
  • On-Screen Display (Preview monitor) of Layer Information and Status
  • Supports Blended Widescreen Projection
  • Output Synchronization: Free-Run or Vertically Locked to NTSC/PAL Blackburst
  • Edge Blending
    • 10-bit Processing
    • Variable Overlap
    • Supports standard and pre-overlapped Background sources
    • Edge Blending (Feathering)

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