Barco DCS-100 Seamless Switcher



  • True seamless switching
  • High quality scaling technology
  • 10-bit sampling and internal processing/scaling
  • Auto-acquire and auto-positioning
  • Up to three (3) LOGO stores/recall capability
  • Luma keying utilizing DVI
  • Low video delay


  • All resolutions from NTSC/PAL up to UXGA including all HD resolutions
  • DVI, analog computer and video, HD/SD SDI


  • All progressive resolutions from 480p up to UXGA including all HD resolutions
  • Full screen
  • Supports HDCP compatible projectors
  • Built-in test pattern simplifies projector alignment


  • Auto ranging power supply
  • Width: 19” Rack
  • Height: 2RU
  • Operating temperature range: 0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F)


The DCS-100 is a dual-channel switcher designed to provide true seamless switching between different input sources and formats, while maintaining superb scaling quality at an affordable price. It has been designed for straightforward and simple operations, which makes it the ideal seamless switcher for live events, boardrooms, hotel ballrooms, houses of worship, lecture halls, training facilities and more.