Atomos 7″ Shogun 7 Accessory Kit- NEW


Atomos 7″ Shogun 7 Accessory Kit

  • HPRC Hard Flight Case
  • 2 x 5200mAh Battery
  • Fast Charger
  • USB Docking Station
  • DC to D-Tap Cable
  • 4x Master Caddy II Drive Caddy
  • Power Supply
  • Shogun 7 HDR Sunhood

Kit of Accessories suitable for Shogun 7

Product Code- ATOMACCKT3


Atomos 7″ Shogun 7 Accessory Kit

7″ accessory kit ATOMACCKT1 for all those customers that already bought/own an Inferno/Flame series device. The main difference between the new 7″ Shogun 7 Accessory kit and the 7″ Accessory kit is related to the Sunhood and Foam insert. The new 7″ Shogun 7 Accessory kit includes the Shogun 7 HDR Sunhood and laser cut foam, while the 7″ Accessory kit includes the Sunhood for Inferno/Flame series and laser foam for this body style.

Designed for professionals that push boundaries with the quality of their videos, this 7-inch screen elevates the image captured by any HDMI or SDI camera to new levels. With 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio and peak brightness of 3000nits, Shogun 7 is the ultimate all-in-one video production tool for creative storytelling.

Shogun 7 embraces the high production values of RAW and 4K HDR to give you complete control of every aspect of your production, on-set and in post. Meticulously monitor every pixel of SDR or HDR as it’s captured. Record up to 5.7K Apple ProRes RAW* or 4K Apple ProRes directly to affordable SSD drives avoiding the high costs and limitations of SD memory cards. You can even shoot RAW at high frame rates up to HDp240**.

Add to this asynchronous, multicamera switching and the ability to record in a range of other codecs, and you have more power to achieve your creative vision than ever before.

the SHOGUN 7 does NOT fit exactly in the ATOMACCKT1 foam nor the sunhood. Every other accessory can work but to get the foam to fit it needs to be cut.

A high-quality viewing experience gives you complete confidence to make educated on-set decisions.

With Shogun 7’s dynamic zoned backlight, blacks are deeper, whites are brighter, and the details of highlights are crystal clear. See what the camera sensor is capturing with unparalleled precision and use the advanced HDR waveform tools from log or RAW to ensure perfect exposure, colour and white balance. Shogun 7 gives you the control to maximise HDR exposure, while feeling comfortable with SDR finishing in post.

Simple monitoring tools put every detail of the image within your control. From custom 3D LUTs, false color profiles, adjustable focus peaking and movable 1:1 and 2:1 pixel magnification. In addition, RGB parade and vectorscopes ensure perfect colors on your calibrated monitor.