Absen U2 Indoor LED Screen


MODEL: Absen U2
SIZE: 3.6m x 2.1m; 11’-10’ x 6’11”
RESOLUTION: 1440 x 840; 1,209,600 pixels
PANEL SIZE: 400mm x 300mm
CONFIGURATION: 9 columns; 7 rows; 63 panels total
LED PITCH: 2.5mm


Indoor LED display U2″ produced by “Absen”, designed for indoor use, provides high-quality images even at a short distance due to high resolution. Adapted color temperature and brightness of the screen reduced, compared with the outdoor models, are more comfortable to the human eye. Furthermore, it is thinner, lighter and has a low noise level.

U2 2.5 mm pixel pitch, recommended viewing distance – from 2 meters. Brightness – 1200 candels, which allows only indoor usage of this LED screen. Cabinet weight 5.50 kg. Installation type – stationary, ie system does not provide for quick dismantling.

The Absen U2 is an excellent choice for your indoor fixed presentation. The U2 is ideally suited fro use in Video Monitoring Command Centers, Radio and Television, Conferencing, Cinemas, Shopping Malls, Hotels and Resorts. It replaces seamless LCD and video projections systems. Its modular design is perfect for any set up.

  • U2 has exceptional display quality even when brightness is reduced to 20%.
  • High Definition effects with no color casts, no color stains and no color blocks.
  • Durable, military and aviation grade plugs. Easy to operate.
  • User friendly information display window.