Abekas Mira 4 Ch Replay System with DNF Controller- USED


$19,500.00 $17,500.00

Abekas Mira 4 Ch Replay System with DNF Controller

  • 5 years old
  • Used a handful of times
  • 256MB Array Storage
  • Latest 7.1.6 Software



Abekas Mira 4 Ch Replay System with DNF Controller

The Mira Replay graphical user interface compliments the Control Surface by providing operators with a single “heads-up display” to follow the action, manage all clips/playlists, and to easily export media files. Time-saving elements such as programmable softkeys that permit assigning common naming terms for fast and consistent clip annotation, further enhance operator efficiency. Visually, this application features intuitive color-coded program output frames and “mode status” indicators within the video panes of the replay application, to clearly show the current function of each output channel.

By splitting server resources, two operators—each with their own Mira Control Surface and with their own program output channels—can split the production tasks, with instant access to shared camera inputs, shared clip registers and shared highlight playlists.

One user can concentrate solely on live instant replay operations from all cameras, while the other user creates and tags clips from all camera inputs; imports and exports media files; and builds game-action highlights and promotional playlists. Once created, these highlights can be immediately aired by the live instant replay operator.


Share the load by splitting/sharing server resources—so two operators can work independently on two replay events or work in collaboration on the same replay event.


Ensure maximum reliability, with standard dual-redundant, hot-swappable power supplies. For ease of maintenance, all Mira servers feature hot-swappable chassis fans and media disk drives.


Adapts to a wide variety of live production workflows, thanks to a symmetrical, multi-channel server architecture. Mira+ servers can be fitted with 6, 8 or 12 symmetric video channels.


Network multiple Mira+ servers via Gigabit or 10-Gigabit Ethernet, and easily share clips between multiple users.


Reduce cost and substantially streamline workflow with integrated media file import and export tools – with support for Growing File Export workflows to an external NAS.