4 Grass Valley LDK-8000 Elite 3G SMPTE Camera Chains- USED


Chains Include:

  • Grass Valley LDK-4582 CCU
  • Grass Valley LDK 5302 ENG Viewfinder
  • Grass Valley LDK-5307 7″ LCD Viewfinder
  • Grass Valley LDK-4640
  • Grass Valley OCP-400 RCP

All of the cameras include cases.

1080p59.94 over fiber, 3G SDI output from CCU.


With three next-generation 9.2-million pixel HD-DPM+™ CCDs, the Grass Valley LDK 8000 Elite is the only camera available that can capture true progressive HD images, natively, and switch instantly between multiple formats and frame rates.

The LDK 8000 Elite Series was designed to faithfully reproduce what you see, its colour space technology ensures accurate colour reproduction even in difficult applications such as mobile production sites where lighting is typically difficult to control.

The LDK 8000 Elite system features a compact, robust, and lightweight base station that can output SD and HD signals simultaneously.

Key features of LDK 8000

  • Supports instant switching between 1080i and 720p formats at 50 and 59.94 Hz for a wide variety of applications
  • Supports all 1080p standard formats, including 1080p50 and 1080p60 (WorldCam version only)
  • Secondary colour corrector
  • User-selectable noise reducer
  • Unmatched video sampling technology:
    — 3x 9.2-million pixel HD-DPM+ CCDs
    — 14-bit A/D sampling
    — 34-bit digital signal processing resolution
  • Flexible HD transmission system
    — Supports standard triax up to 1,200m (3,900 ft.) and 2,400m (7,800 ft.) with repeater
    — Supports hybrid fibre SMPTE 311 up to 4,000m (13,200 ft.)
  • Small, robust base station with superior HD, SD output
  • Lightest weight camera body in its class
  • SuperXpander kit support enables configuration with full-size studio or OB lenses, and accessories
  • A unique dockable concept with a choice of transmission adapters:
    — HD Triax, HD Fiber, HD Wireless