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360 Short/Cut

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360 Short/Cut

Intuitive Operation
Short/cut 2000’s operating controls combine the best features of tape machines and popular word processors. The result is an intuitive audio recorder/editor that helps creative professionals work quickly, with almost no training. Short/cut’s dedicated buttons make the difference. Its hands-on approach to editing provides excellent control of the editing
process, and is easier to use than computer based systems. The weighted jog wheel provides an outstanding simulation of tape reel “scrub” editing, while a large waveform display assists with critical editing decisions. One-handed editing is easy, thanks to Short/cut’s unique grouping of edit-function keys.

Advanced Digital Editing
Short/cut 2000’s new operating system precisely edits every kind of program material. Editing features include Cut, Copy, Insert, Erase, Fade in and out, Cross-fade, Level change, and many single track operations. Best of all, the new Short/cut 2000 is fast. New file conversion utilities also let Short/cut 2000 interface with most DAWs. It can read and write WAV, BWF, SD-2 and AIFF file formats on both PC and Mac® disks. And to archive finished work, an external Zip* drive can be connected at the rear panel. Organized Storage The Short/cut 2000 is more than just an editor. Storing 12 hours of stereo audio, it keeps important clips on-line and ready to play. And locating a single cut among 1,000 is easy. Just scroll through directories with the wheel, or simply type a name on the built-in keyboard for instant access. To help organize recordings,Short/cut provides ten directories, each with password protection, so many users can share a single machine.

Instant Replay® Hot-Keys
Fast access to edited clips is a key part of Short/cut’s design for broadcasting. Its Hot-Keys can immediately play up to ten stored audio segments—perfect for on-air playback of news and phone calls. The Hot Keys also make convenient clipboard memories when editing.

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