Canon KJ20x8.5 with Panasonic AK-HC1800G Multi-Purpose Camera- USED


Canon KJ20 with Panasonic Multi-purpose Camera

  • Canon KJ20x8.5B KTSM
  • Panasonic Camera Model #AK-HC1800G


The Canon KJ20x8.2B Portable 20x HD Lens with 2x Zoom Extender features a B4 mount for use with 2/3″ format camcorders and offers a focal length range of 8.2-164mm. With a built-in 2x extender, you can enhance its focal length to 16.4-328mm.

Crafted with high-quality design tools including optical-simulation and 3D-design technologies, the
Canon HD lens ensures minimal axial and lateral chromatic aberrations, coma aberrations, and geometric distortion. Furthermore, the lens features optical materials and multilayer optical coatings that minimize optical artifacts stimulated by strong light sources. Macro focusing ability effectively reduces the minimum object distance to only 10mm from the front of the lens.

Advanced Drive Unit technology provides a convenient control when using Canon portable HD lenses. Thanks to its ergonomic design, the drive unit touts a comfortable grip and an improved balance, which further enhances your tactile connection with the lens.

The Panasonic AK-HC1800G Multi-Purpose HD Box Camera is capable of delivering broadcast-quality HD images to a wide range of high-end applications. Whether shooting sports, weather reports, POV, or reality TV, the AK-HC1800G derives the very highest 1080i video quality from its 3 high-performance 2/3″ CCDs and 14-bit DSP technology. With its lowlight sensitivity, 12-axis color matrix adjustment, and Cine Gamma settings, the AK-HC1800G can mimic the tones and dynamic range of film, delivering rich colors that contain fuller blacks and less washed-out whites.

At the same time, the camera’s bayonet lens mount makes it compatible with all 2/3″ broadcast lenses, including Canon and Fujinon motor drive lenses. Its compatibility extends to Panasonic’s line of high-performance pan-tilt systems, while its compact size, HD-SDI output, and other professional connections (genlock, tally, etc.) ensure that it’s truly multi-functional–from concerts to football fields to houses of worship.