Sachtler 1973 Cine 7+7 HD MCF Tripod System



Sachtler 100 mm Tripod System 7+7 HD MCF

Brand New with Warranty

Includes: Cine 7+7 HD fluid head (1910) + tripod ENG 2 CF HD (5390) + mid-level spreader 100/150 (7007) + rubber feet 100/150 (7004) + padded bag ENG/EFP (9106)

Further Information: 4-48 lbs (2-22 kg) payload

Item:1973 System 7+7 HD MCF

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The Sachtler 1973 Cine 7+7 HD MCF Tripod System is a carbon fiber video/cine tripod system. It offers a very adjustable fluid head, Mid-Level spreader, padded bag and carbon fiber legs.

The CF 100 ENG HD 2CF two stage, heavy-duty tripod, provides maximum stability and carrying capacity. Constructed and drawn out of one-piece carbon fiber material, makes it twist resistant and lighter than dural aluminum. It features a 100mm / 4″ bowl, tube diameter of 24mm (0.94″) for extra stability, and is fitted with the Sachtler quick clamping system, so you can securely – and visibly – lock the tripod.
The Cine 7+7 HD is a film and video fluid head with sideload clamp, 16 step couterbalance and a payload boost button.
Mid-Level Spreader
The Mid-Level Spreader offers quality stability on uneven surfaces.
Padded Bag
A padded bag comes with this kit for easy transport and security.