18′ Jib: JonyJib Pro 18 with Varizoom Remote Pan/Tilt Head


Condition on both Varizoom and Jib:  Very good condition.  Used less than a dozen times.

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The JonyJib Pro 18 is a modular, lightweight and portable system is designed around a series of 4′ sections that allow the unit to be configured as a 9′, to 18′ (height) jib. For ease of transportation all sections store in a single 48″ tripod bag. Since each section slides out from the previous section, unused sections can be stored in the tail as additional ballast to lighten counterweight requirements.

The package comes complete with a camera platform, leveling cable, pivot bracket, Mitchell mounting hub, 12V power supply, rear control and weight mounting center, plus a VariZoom MC-100 motorized remote pan-tilt head.

The jib’s camera platform is designed for over-sling, or under-sling mounting of the VariZoom pan & tilt head. The JonyJib Pro mounts to the heavy-duty tripod on oil-impregnated bearings that provide the perfect amount of drag for smooth arcing moves. A friction knob enable the operator to modify drag as needed, or can lock the unit in place. If you’re looking for a flexible, transportable jib with up to 18′ of reach the JonyJib Pro 18 is an excellent choice for your next project.

Upgrades from original purchase:

  • Total JonyJib Pro 18’ (w/ RCC & Mitchell Mounting Hub)w/ Varizoom pan tilt control head
  • 5-  octagonal  black powder coated aluminum arm sections in a hard carrying case w/ wheels
  • Upgraded Grade 8 Hardened Steel weight support Bolts w/ zinc plated steel covers
  • Upgraded ¼” thick L Brackets
  • Upgraded RCC Tailored for Varizoom controller
  • Reinforced Jony Jib Camera Platform

TD-600DS Heavy Duty Dolly w/ wheels and push/ pull grip handle (600 lb payload)

Jony Jib Distribution Box/ Jony Jib power supply

JJ Pro Rear Control Center 6”

Detailed Manual W/ Pictures

Included VariZoom VZ-MC100 Pan/Tilt System

The VariZoom VZ-MC100 Pan and Tilt control is a lightweight, extremely portable system. Now total remote operation for cameras weighing 25-pounds, or less is possible with the VZ-MC100 system. Whether mounted on a jib, crane, or placed on a tripod, the MC100 provides full pan and tilt capability from the slowest sustained crawl to rapid moves needed to follow any action. No jib is truly complete without a motorized pan/tilt head, and the MC100’s light weight, universal mounting base, and intuitive compact control box make it a breeze to set up and operate.

The MC100 is beautifully made of machined parts and electronic components of the highest industrial standards. All of the electronics necessary to drive the precision pan and tilt head are compacted into one small control housing, for enhanced portability and versatility. Just mount the VZ-MC remote head on a tripod, or jib, plug in the control handle umbilical and you’re ready to go.

When used with an optional VariZoom Remote Focus and Zoom Controls you will possess an extremely powerful acquisition tool. The VariZoom VZ-MC100 is a complete camera control with smooth pan, tilt, zoom, and focus that will not only the enhance the artistic quality of your work, but also its dollar value as well.