16×16 Gefen Pro DVI Matrix Switcher – USED


USED – 16×16 Gefen Pro DVI Matrix Switcher

Up to two available

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The Gefen 16×16 DVI Matrix Switcher routes 16 DVI sources to 16 DVI monitors without losing resolution. Various output configurations can be implemented with the only exception being routing two or more inputs to one monitor. The switcher features 29-pin DVI-I connectors but only accepts the DVI-D signal from them. VGA signals on DVI connectors will not be processed.

Switching can be controlled by front panel push buttons, IR remote, IP commands, or via RS-232. A front panel LCD display helps with local switching. A built-in web server provides the means for IP control and configuration. Sixteen programmable routing presets are available for routine switching, and stand-by mode is accessible for in-between times.

Additional features include advanced EDID management, which provides rapid integration of sources and displays, and output masking control for hiding an output from displaying video. The switcher is equipped with an internal power supply and with rack ears for 2RU mounting.

Route 16 Sources to 16 Monitors
  • Supports resolutions up to 1920 x 1200
  • Switches and routes without losing resolution
  • Switch via front panel, IR, IP, or RS-232 controls
  • 16 programmable routing presets and standby mode
  • Advanced EDID management and output masking control
  • Various output configurations with the exception of routing 2 or more inputs to one monitor

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