Sachtler Video-15SB ENG Carbon Fiber Tripod System


Sachtler 100 mm Tripod System 15 SB ENG 2 CF

Brand New with Warranty

Includes: Video 15 SB fluid head (1505) + tripod ENG 2 CF (5386) + ground spreader SP 100 (7002) + padded bag ENG 2 (9104)

Further Information: 2-37 lbs (1-17 kg) payload

Item:1562 System 15 SB ENG 2 CF

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The Video-15SB ENG carbon fiber tripod system, with the load capacity of up to 35.3 lbs, is perfectly designed for the latest generation of professional digital camcorders in today market.
Featuring 12-step counterbalance system, for the perfect counterbalance of the camera even with a light or a heavy lens, and offers 7-steps of vertical and horizontal drag, for smooth camerawork under the toughest of rough conditions.
Also includes the ENG 2CF double extension carbon fiber tripod, delivering greater stability and allowing an extended height range.

Video-15SB Fluid Head

Frictionless Leak Proof Fluid Damping
Frictionless leak proof fluid damping with 7 level of drag, for perfect pictures while panning, without jerks and vibrations. Identical across both horizontal and vertical planes, and allows complete disengagement of drag for fast panning.
Quick Release
Touch & Go Quick Release / Automatic Locking System, for quick set up without having to bother to screwing the camera to head and then having to unscrew it again. Also features a safety lock lever that prevents inadvertent disengagement of the camera latch.
Sliding Balance Plate
Sliding camera mount and plate with a 2.8″ sliding range, makes a fast balancing system for the camera and ensures perfect balance across the horizontal plane.
Dynamic Counterbalancing System
12 step dynamic counterbalancing system, compensates for torques as the camera tilts, preventing the camera from inadvertently tipping, and ensuring that it is positioned securely at any tilt angle. And can be can be activated and deactivated individually.
Safe at any temperature, operates without any frictions from -40 to +140°F
Vibrationless vertical / horizontal brakes
Built-in illuminated bubble for horizontal leveling

ENG 2CF Tripod

Carbon Fiber construction
100mm / 4″ bowl base Double extension design
Maximum height of 61″ (not including head)
Quick clamping system, locks tripod legs in seconds