AJA 12GM, 12G-SDI to/from SDI Muxer/DeMuxer

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12G/6G/3G/1.5G HD/SD SDI Muxer/Demuxer for 4K/UltraHD/2K/HD/SD Audio/ Video with Quadrant to 2SI for 4K/UltraHD Bidirectional Conversion Support


12GM is a compact SDI transport Mini-Converter that enables 12G-SDI to quad link 3G-SDI and quad link 3G-SDI to 12G-SDI conversion. The muxer/demuxer supports 4K, UltraHD, 2K, HD and SD workflows and conversions from quad link SDI signals to single link SDI signals, and vice versa at 12G, 6G, 3G and 1.5G bit rates, as well as dual-link conversions. Both Square Division (Quadrant) and Two Sample Interleave (2SI) input and output mappings are supported.


  • Compact SDI Transport Converter for 12G, 6G, 3G and 1.5G-SDI·
  • Supports single link, dual-link, or quad link SDI on inputs and outputs
  • 12G-SDI to/from quad-link 3G-SDI or dual-link 6G-SDI
  • 6G-SDI to/from quad-link 1.5G-SD or dual-link 3G-SDI
  • 3G-SDI to/from dual-link 1.5G-SDI
  • Two Sample Interleave (2SI) to/from Square Division (Quadrant) pixel mapping
  • 3G-SDI Level A to/from 3G-SDI Level B-DL
  • Simple Frame Rate Conversion (FRC) 60 fps to 59.94 fps, and 59.94 fps to 60 fps
  • HDR signaling metadata pass-through and optional override
  • Pass-through of Single Link 12G, 6G, 3G, 1.5G and 270M SDI video
  • Distribution Amplifier support (1×4)
  • Input signal diagnostics and timing analyzer for quad link signals
  • Automatic or manual control
  • Detailed timing analysis for validating alignment of quad-link SDI inputs
  • Passes SDI embedded audio, 24-bit, up to 16-Channels
  • Configure via USB port and supplied AJA Mini-Config software for PC/Mac

Explore how AJA’s latest 12G-SDI solutions can simplify production and post workflows, providing ample bandwidth to handle high resolution, high frame rate and deep color content over a single cable.

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