Video Production Truck Equipment

Production Truck Owners: Are you looking for video gear for your mobile production unit? Let an
experienced professional help you with your video equipment need.
Allied Broadcast Group specializes in selling used mobile production gear for production trucks.
Whatever you may be looking for, we probably have it. We can supply Triax Studio Cameras, Triax
Cable, Sport Lenses, Camera Pedestals and Tripods, Digital Switchers and more.

Whatever your size or you budget, or whether shooting sports productions or other events, we have a
large inventory of video production truck equipment for many venues and jobs.

Whether you need a Standard Def truck equipment or High Def truck equipment, call us. IF we don’t
have it, we’ll find it. No application is too large or too small. Production Truck Equipment is available
for a 53 Ft Trailer, a Straight Truck, or Production Van, or Video Trailer,

Allied Broadcast Group can also help you sell your video production truck equipment. Let us add you
to the list of many satisfied clients. Let our professional marketing and experience help you with this
process. Call us to discuss your particular vehicle and need.


Also, we are pleased to offer used video production trucks.


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