RTS Cronus with 2 KP-32 and 2 KP-12 Keypanels


Used RTS Cronus, Includes 2 KP-32 and 2 KP-12 key panels




The RTS Cronus is a 32-port digital matrix intercom in 2 RU (rack units). Based upon an advanced DSP (Digital Signal Processor) architecture, Cronus has the ability to link up to four (4) units into a single 128 port matrix. Through the use of standard video coaxial cable, the maximum distance between the first and last Cronus system can be up to 300ft., and still appear as a single matrix. However, when using the Fiber Option card, the distance is increased up to 15 kilometers nominally. When connected as a single matrix, the individual Cronus control remains autonomous and independent at each matrix for the highest

The RTS Cronus Digital Matrix Intercom includes a proprietary active feedback elimination circuit to allow high-volume operation in confined spaces without feedback.  The Cronus features LAN and USB connectivity for programming, the USB ports being available on both front and rear panels, and front-panel shaft encoders and displays permit extensive control without the need for a PC in many applications.

 Cronus is compatible with all existing RTS matrix products, including all keypanels, telephone interfaces, level panels, Telex Intelligent Trunking, GPI and system adapters for ADAM, ADAM-CS and Zeus.

Cronus also has the ability to link, via an interface card, to existing ADAM matrices, allowing Cronus to function as a “satellite” matrix to any existing ADAM from a 128-port single frame to a frame of more than 800 ports. This combined system appears as a single large matrix, without the need for trunking. Cronus will be available initially with high-quality analog inputs and outputs.

Cronus features advanced DSP processing with frequency shaping and vox, and also includes a proprietary active feedback elimination circuit to allow high-volume operation in confined spaces without worrisome feedback problems.

Cronus USB Connectivity

Convenient front panel access as well as traditional rear access for system programming. Note, you may use either the front panel access or the rear panel access at a time.

Cronus Advanced DSP

Digital signal processing designed to support audio signal processing on all 32 ports (inputs).

Cronus Modular Architecture

Cronus is a modular 2RU frame with a capacity of 8 to 32 ports. Up to four units can be linked for a total capacity of 128 ports

Cronus Redundant Power Supply

Each chassis is powered by two power supplies, either of which can sufficiently power all the equipment ALONE. This provides constant power and disaster recovery even with the failure of one power supply.


Cronus RVON-C VoIP Option Card

Voice-Over IP option expands the capabilities of the system.

RTS  KP-32 Keypanel

The RTS® Model KP-32 keypanel fits in a standard 19” rack and is two rack spaces high. It has 32 lever keys: 30 keys are for intercom talk/listen assignment; one key is for call waiting response; and one key is for headset/microphone/program selection and volume setup. The KP-32 combines all of the programmable features of the KP-9X Series keypanels and the KP-12 keypanel.  It adds significant new features such as digital signal processing and bin-aural headset operation with left/right assignment of audio signals. The KP-32 also introduces large, super-bright, long-life fluorescent displays with adjustable brightness control,
making it suitable for all types of ambient lighting from direct sunlight to darkness.

  • Super-bright, fluorescent displays: Provide much better visibility and usable life than LCD displays.   A display saver mode with programmable scrolling message extends display life and conserves power during periods of inactivity.
  • 32 lever keys, with 30 keys available for full talk/listen configuration:  Doubles the number of channels over the KP-9X series keypanels. Keys support both latching (hands-free) and momentary (push-to-talk) operation.
  • Enhanced programming keypad: Provides the complete KP9X keypad sequences, plus new keypad sequences, plus an extensive scrollable menu system. Menus include helpful prompts to walk the user through setup.
  • Only 90 mm deep behind the front panel (approximately 130mm with connectors): Perfect for consoles, OB vans, etc.  Digital Signal Processing (DSP): Improves microphone voice activation and limiting. Adds new mixing, metering, and filtering capabilities.
  • Binaural (5-pin) Headset Connector: Works with the DSP mixing feature. Lets you independently assign intercom, microphone, and program audio to left or right headphone.
  • Note: monaural (4-pin) connector available as an option.  For monaural operation, the mixer lets you select which items are monitored in the headphones.
  • Easy upgrades: Firmware updates can be received via the internet, for example, and then downloaded to the KP-32 via the intercom connection. Ready for future communication enhancements, including coax, fiber, and ISDN.

RTS  KP-12 Keypanel

The KP-12 modular series of keypanels represents the ultimate in compact, fully-programmable user stations. Based on a common set of internal modules (modules also available separately for custom designs), the KP-12 series has a common set of very powerful features, which makes each model attractive in mobile applications and in other situations where space is limited.Available in lever-key and pushbutton versions, the basic KP-12 provides a menu driven, fully programmable, 12-key user station in 1RU of space. Expansion panels and level control panels round out the off erings in the rackmount form factor. Desktop and Tektronix WFM 3RU form factor units are also available.

  • Extremely long-life, high-visibility, green alphanumeric LEDs.
  • Fully programmable menus selected via front-panel shaft encoder.
  • Lever-key versions provide individual talk/listen functions on each key.
  • Pushbutton versions provide individually assignable talk, listen or talk/listen function on each button.
  • All keys assignable for all functions (point to point, IFB, ISO, PL, SL, relay, GPI).
  • Removable, optional MCP-90 series gooseneck microphone.
  • Universal power supply for 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz operations.
  • Optional rear connector and GPI options available for rackmount panels.
  • Wide range of keypanels and expansion panels for specific applications.