HDW-1800 CineAlta HDCAM Studio Editing Recorder


Sony HDW-1800 CineAlta HDCAM Studio Editing Recorder w/HKDW-105 iLink/HDV Input Board and HKDW-104 3:2 Pull Down Board

Excellent Condition
HDCAM recorder with 5000 operating hours, 1761 Drum hours, 1369 Tape Hours, and 3050 Thred Count.

  • Accessories:
    HKDW-105 iLink/HDV input board.
    HKDW-104 3:2 Pull Down board.
    Pelican 1610 Copolymer shell case.
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The Sony HDW-1800 is a CineAlta HDCAM studio editing recorder featuring a wide variety of advanced features, making the adoption of and integration of professional-grade high definition acquisition a more seamless transition than ever before. The HDCAM format has been widely accepted by top professionals as the HD format of choice and shows Sony’s commitment to providing the highest quality solutions for the most demanding applications.
The deck has the ability to fully integrate HDV content for additional high definition support. Moreover, the HDW-1800 can up and down-convert footage to HDCAM, making it ideal for mastering for broadcast or ingesting into an HDCAM post-production workflow.