Fujinon TS-P58a optical stabilizer for all Fujinon 2/3″ B4 ENG lenses


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The Fujinon TS-P58A is an optical stabilizer for 2/3″ lenses. When used, the stabilizer will provide glass-smooth images even at extreme telephoto. Often when lenses increase magnification, they become increasingly difficult to keep steady. The TS-P58A virtually eliminates this problem.

The element inside the stabilizer compensates for these slight but noticeable vibrations, whether it is from wind, or unsteady support platforms. The special “sandwich” design allows it to easily be fit between the camera and lens, making it very simple to take on and off.


  • TS-P58A optical image stabilizer sn# K5020
  • Front and rear caps for image stabilizer
  • Remote switch and extension cable for TS-P58A
  • Clamp for pan arm for TS-58A remote switch
  • Xerox copy instructions