Evertz DreamCatcher, DC-200, 8 CH


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JVC VF-HP790G: 8.4″ LCD Studio Viewfinder, BStock
1 DC-318 Eight-channel Media Recorder/Player, MPEG-2 I Frame Codecs, Slo-mo, 8-channel Multi-viewer, File Import/Export, 2x 1Gb E Ports, 2xUSB 3.0 Ports, 1 TB Primary Storage, Dual PS, 3RU, Support for 8x720p channels, 8x1080i channels, 4in x 4out 1080p
2 DC-RCP-10 Remote Control Panel, w/LCD Screen, J/S Knob, Fader Bar
It is an 8 channel box with 2 controllers which means it is very versatile. It can be run as a 6 in/2 out, or with the 2 controllers can be setup for 2 operators, each having a 2in/2 out box with access to each other’s clips