Cartoni Maxima Head, Like New


  • Cine Style Sliding Plate
  • Mitchell Flat Base
  • 88 lb Payload at 8″
  • Two Length Adjustable Pan Bars
  • +90°/-90° Tilt
  • Infinite Counterbalance and Fluid Drag
  • 32 lb Head Weight
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The Cartoni Maxima Broadcast Style Fluid Action Head features a Mitchell flat base and comes with a cine style sliding plate and two length adjustable pan bars. The head weighs 32 lbs and supports a payload of 88 lbs at 8″. The sliding plate is interchangeable with Arri and OConnor plates. Counterbalance and fluid drag are infinite and tilt is 90° each way. The counterbalance and fluid drag systems are both Cartoni-patented.