CamMate Series 2032 Jib


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Jib can be built to a total height of 32 feet
This system is three years old and has been meticulously maintained by myself and CamMate Systems
It has normal cosmetic wear for a system of its age
All functions of the Pistol-Joystick work without issues
The zoom controller is accurate and smooth
Pan, tilt and zoom have controls for speed, dampening, and motor voltage centering
Electronics Pack Offers:
  • 12-volt input for battery operation
  • 2 12-volt outputs for monitors, etc.
  • 3 BNC runs to the head
  • Triax run to the head
  • Multi-pin to the head for custom applications
The Head Features:
  • 2, 12-Volt Power Supply Points
  • 3 BNC Points
  • Robotic head has Triax out to the camera, 5-pin intercom from the camera, pin selector switch for Canon, Fujinon lenses
  • Lens control cable for zoom/focus/iris motors
  • Multi-pin custom connector
The CamMate dolly is the best in the industry; rock solid with “Crab Steering”
Camera tally system with on/off switch, sensitivity control and brightness control
On full brightness, the light is viewable in daylight
  • 2 Lens Control Cables
  • 6 Lens Drive Gears
  • 3 Motor Brackets
  • 4 Regular Motors
  • 1 Super Servo Motor
  • Fujinon, Angénieux, Canon and Sony EX3 Lens Zoom Adaptors
  • Extra Lens Cable
  • 3 Motors
  • 1 Motor Bracket
  • Zoom Adaptor Cables 
  • 4 Gears
Expertly maintained system; never rented
Packed in 4 Pelican 1650 cases, 1 Dolly case, and 3 soft bags for the arms