Barco ScreenPRO-II with Controller


Excellent condition with controller and optional ATA shock mount cases.

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The ScreenPRO-II seamless switcher is a high-resolution multi-layer video display system that combines seamless switching with a variety of creative video effects. The result is a versatile presentation tool for both live event staging and xed installation applications.

To produce its array of effects, ScreenPRO-II uses ve image layers: one unscaled background, two scaled inputs (for PIPs or Keys), one unscaled downstream key (DSK), plus a full-screen Logo that uses captured frame grabs as sources. With this creative palette at your ngertips, you can transition backgrounds, transition PIP (Picture-in-Picture) windows, perform wipes, dissolves and keys, y PIPs and Keys on and off screen, and so much more.

The system’s exibility is remarkable — using the mixer’s two scalers, you can mix or key HD-SDI, DVI, and analog source on top of the transitioning background, or display two independent PIPs (or Keys) over a background. In addition, two unscaled high-resolution layers enable you to transition seamlessly between backgrounds, or use a background plus a high-resolution DSK.