Calrec Zeta Digital Production Console


USED Calrec Zeta board with 40 faders


designed for use in television and radio production studios and outside broadcast vehicles where broadcast facilities cannot be compromised but space is restricted.
Based on the well established Alpha and Sigma digital system architecture, Zeta provides comprehensive features and functionality, with sophisticated failure protection systems. Zeta meets the changing requirements demanded by the on-set of surround sources in live production, providing sophisticated monitoring solutions and encompassing flexible TFT style metering.
The introduction of digitally controlled assignable systems in 1980 has allowed for their ergonomics to be continuously refined by user input and the Zeta reflects this in its user interface. Fully assignable control means that any fader can control any channel or group. A dual layer design allows for single or dual path operation, and 2 Wild controls per fader allow allocation of assignable channel controls.  The flexibility offered by digital control and a computer-aided memory system has been harnessed to provide greater functionality and ease of use.
Zeta is available in a number of cost-effective processing / input configurations and three frame sizes, with a variety of additional input and output interface options. These packages provide focused levels of technical provision at a reasonable cost, without sacrificing reliability, ergonomics or technical specification.

Zeta Channel / Group Facilities

•Up to 108 mono equivalent channels:  48 stereo or mono channels plus 24 mono channels.
•Up to 112 mono equivalent channels:56 stereo channels.
•8 stereo or 8 mono audio groups, or 4stereo and 4 mono audio groups.
•Table-top or floor stand mounting.
•All channels have 4-band EQ/Filters, Compressor/Limiter and Expander/Gate.
•All groups have Compressor/Limiter.
•Pre configured inserts are assignable to any channel or group. Inserts can be pre or post fader.
•All channels and groups can have a direct output or a mix-minus feed.
•Direct outputs can be pre EQ, pre fader, or post fader.
•Automatic cross-fading facility with user-definable fade out and in times.
•Additional VCA style grouping system.
•Every channel can route to every bus,at the same time, without restrictions.

Zeta System

  • Up to 48 faders, with A and B layers of control, plus 2 main output faders.
  • All faders are motorized and touch-sensitive.
  • Comprehensive surround panning and monitoring.
  • Flexible TFT screen-based meters with total user configurability.
  • Assignable input delay function.
  • Optional I/O expansion via a wide area interface such as MADI or Hydra, Calrec’s sophisticated audio networking system.
  • On board Flash ROM memory system allows 99 full console or partial memories.
  • PC backup allows an unlimited number of memories.
  • Sophisticated GPIO facilities