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Allied Broadcast Group sells professional and broadcast video lenses for a variety of video cameras. Servicing the video production industry for 15 years, we have a complete line video camera lenses for every size project and every budget and for nearly all types of professional video cameras.


Allied Broadcast Group sells new and used or pre-owned video camera lenses. Whether you need High Definition (HD) lenses or Standard Definition (SD) lenses, we have one for you. We can match nearly any size video camera with a variety of chip blocks, like 1/3 inch, ½ inch, or 2/3 inch and can accommodate HD cameras or SD cameras. We sell all major brands of broadcast video lenses, including Fujinon, Canon, and Angenieux.


The right video camera lens is an integral part of any camera package. And when it comes to HD or SD lenses, we have a wide selection. Whether you need a wide angle lens or a long 86x box lens or sports lens, Allied Broadcast Group can help. We sell all sizes and styles of professional broadcast video lenses.


If you are a church or house of worship, and educational institution or school, a mobile production company, with need for a video lens or are ready to upgrade your lenses, we can help you. Allied Broadcast Group is also able to provide 55x, 66x, 75x, 86x SD or HD broadcast lenses for mobile production trucks, or OB truck owners and operators.


We can provide both High Definition (HD) lenses and Standard Definition (SD) lenses for any size professional video camera. If you have a broadcast professional video lens you would like to sell, Allied Broadcast Group can help you sell your lens or other excess equipment as well.


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