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Ikegami HL-65W Triax Camera Package
Price: $7,500.00

DXC-D50WS Camera Chain

Price: $9,250.00

Hitachi SK-2070PWA Portable Triax Studio Camera w/ Fujinon A16 x 9BERM Lens
Price: Based on Selection

Hitachi SK-2700W Triax Studio Cameras SDI controls

Price: $12,000.00

Hitachi Z-3000W Triax Studio Cameras, Set of 4
Price: $27,500.00 Per Package

Hitachi Z-4000W Triax WS Studio Cameras
Price: $21,500.00

Ikegami HK-388W 6 Camera 16:9 Triax Package

Price: $47,500.00

Ikegami HK-388w Camera Chains
Price: Based on Selection
Status: y


Ikegami HL-60W Triax Camera Chains

Price: $9,950.00

Ikegami HL-60W, Studio Packages, Wide Screen, Multicore
Price: Based on Selection

Sony BVP-950WS SDI Triax Camera, 4 Camera Package

Price: $24,500.00

Sony BVP-950WS Triax Studio Cameras, 3 Avail
Price: Based on Selection

Sony BVP-E30WS Triax Cameras, 3 Chains
Price: $4,995.00

Sony DXC D50WS Triax Package PAL

Price: $8,750.00

Sony DXC D55WS Triax Packages NTSC

Price: $8,995.00 Per Each

Sony DXC-D50WS, With TX50 CCU, Canon 18x, 2 Cameras
Price: $19,950.00 Per SET

Sony DXC-D50WS, With TX7 CCU, Lens, 4 Cameras
Price: $8,250.00 Per Each

Sony DXC-D55WS Triax Chains, Full Studio, 2 Sets

Price: $18,500.00

Sony DXC-D55WS, Triax Chain
Price: $8,750.00

Sony RCP-TX7 Remote Control Panel
Price: $495.00

Telecast Copperhead G2, 3 Available
Price: $6,750.00
Displaying 1 through 21 of 21 products.
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